Camping le Val d'Amour surroundings

Nearby camping le Val d'Amour located in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Places to visit

Discover the Jura, well known for his landscapes wealths as well as his mountainous massif. Because of various mountainous areas, you will get the chance to admire moutains, lakes, plaines, rivers, forests, vineyards ou caves. Departure from the campsite possible. Ideal for young and older alike as well as nature lovers.
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Dole city
La Loue valley

Discover many activities throughout your trip through the department :

• Hiking, horse riding.
• Paraglider, microlight.
• Lake and river bathing.
• Cycle touring, quad bike, go-karting.
• Fishing.
• Adventure routes, speleology, canyoning, canoe-kayak, via ferrata.
• Discovery of different forester domains.

Château Chalon vines

Places to visit

Cities, museums, châteaux, natural sites

Get a chance to visit the region's cities, museums, châteaux and natural sites such as :

La Loue source in the Jura
Château Cléron

The Chaux forest and the La Loue valley

Second most leafy forest of France, right after the Fontainebleau one, it is a real lungs between Dole and the Val d'Amour. Plenty of strolls to discover the virgin oak, the old huts village from the 14 to the old Loye and the pillars road.
La Loue valley offers a rich path full of discoveries. Many crucial steps including atypical villages, small charming Franche-Comté city-state which are part of the Jura landscape. The section between La Loue source and Ornans is remarkable.

Along the road that overlook the enclosed Nouailles gorges, many belvederes will allow you to gaze at the wild beauty of this valley.
After Ornans, homeland of the painter Gustave Courbet, the river flows to Cléron, where the waters reflected his château. Finally, it peacefully flows to Saline royale d'Arc an Senans listed in the Unesco world heritage.

Lake Chalain
Hérisson waterfalls

Lake Chalain and Hérisson waterfalls.

On the lakes road, get a chance to visit Chalain a jewel with turquoise reflects, between lakes and forests. A stone's throw away, 31 falls and waterfalls are waiting for you. The Hérisson valley is an exceptional site.
Listed as one of the biggest France site.

Royal salt manufacturing of Arc-et-Senan in the Jura
Birth house of Pasteur in Dole in the Jura

The Saline Royale d'Arc and Senans and the salt museum in Salins les Bains.

The big salt manufacturing of Salins-les-Bains is listed as a historical monument. Listed since 2009 in the world UNESCO heritage. It is also the expansion of the royal salt manufacturing of Arc-et-Senans.
Unic site !
Free visit of the salt attics and of the frying pans room.

The birthplace of Louis Pasteur in Arbois and Dole.

Visit the hometown of Louis Pasteur. Dole has so many beautiful things to show you ! Why not start with the ancient Franche-Comté capital ? Wander along the Doubs or the tanners canal or climb up the old Dole, push the Hôtel-Dieu door or the basilica door.
Discover Arbois, wander until the Saint-Just church, push the family home door of Louis Pasteur or visit the institute and the vine and wine museum. Then go back up the Cuisance source, stroll to this Planches-Près-Arbois village where the Tufs waterfalls spring.

Lake Vouglans

Water pleasures

The lake Vouglans is of 35 km and is the third artificial lake of France. His wooded banks dive into a vast emerald stretch. It is well known for his summer tourism and his water pleasures.
In the south, the small Mountain offers an exceptional religious holding.

Vouglan lake in the Jura
The Pic de l'Aigle in the Jura
The four lakes belvederes in the Jura

The Pic de l'Aigle

This exceptional site overlook the four lakes valley and is of 993 metres high. You will glaze the magneficient Jura's plateaus, the Hérisson valley, the Grandvaux and by clear weather you will see the Mont Blanc.

The four lakes belvederes.

The four lakes site is made up of the lakes Narlay, small and big Maclu. The four lakes belvederes has a mangeficient view across those lakes. (access from the Pic de l'aigle).

Baumes les Messieurs in the Jura
Château Chalon in the Jura

Baumes Les Messieurs and Château Chalon.

Discover two of the most beautiful France villages, Baume-les-Messieurs.
See the spectacular Baume caves, among the prettier in Europe. Guided tour of 45mn. Explore the hiking paths, see the magneficient enclosed belvederes of Baume. Discover the waterfalls and enjoy the unic and surprising landscape which the paths circle the valley. Visit the magneficient imperial Abbey. Taste the honorable "Côtes du Jura" with the wine-growers of the village.
The Château-Chalon is considered as the guard/beacon of the Jura vineyards as it is located on the edge of Revermont. In the cradle of the famous White Wine, legends and histories mix up to celebrate one of the "most beautiful France village." Between cultural holdings and gastronomy, vines, this magneficient village will never stop astonishing you.

Comté maturing cheese cellar in the Rousses fort in the Jura
Besançon citadel in the Doubs

The Maturing Caves of the Fort des Rousses.

The Fort des Rousses is located inside the heart of the natural reserve of the High Jura, is of 1 150 m high and is made up of 100 000 Comté wheel which have exceptional maturing conditions.
In 1997, the Fort des Rousses, second fortress of France, has been converted as a maturing cellar. The Fort is made up of more than 50 000 m² vaulted rooms, kilometres of underground passages, a huge inside esplanade and has been made to shelter 3 500 soldiers. It is now an exceptional monument.

The Citadel of Besançon

The citadel of Besançon is the chef-d'œuvre of Vauban. It is listed on the world UNESCO heritage. It is also a remarkable exemple of the military architecture of the 17th century. Made up of 12 hectares, the citadel of Besançon is one of the most beautiful fortress of France. It has a spectacular view from his ramparts. First true cultural, touristic and unic site of center-east France, the Citadel of Besançon is made up of three museums listed on the France Museums.



The Jura is also well known for his wine, his cheeses which you can taste during your stay.
Find all the unmissable places who have been selected by Jura Tourism.

White wine of Arbois
Franche-Comté cheeses
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